Click the "Entry" button below and follow the instructions to apply. When the entry opening date and time arrives, a blue "Entry" button will appear to the right of "Date of Event" on the entry screen, and you will be able to apply. You can choose the participation fee when you apply (credit card payment, convenience store payment, etc.).

Entry Schedule

Applications open at 9:00 am, Mon, July 1st
Application deadline:5:00 pm, Thur, July 11th
Thur, August 1st:Lottery results announced
The deadline for payment is Monday, August 19th.Participation will be determined after payment has been completed.
The deadline for procedures to decide participation is Monday, August 19th.Participation will be determined after prodedures are completed.
Application and participation fee payment
The deadline for payment is Monday, August 19th.Participation will be determined after payment has been completed.
*Ends as soon as capacity is reached
  • If payment of the prescribed registration fee from applicants selected in the lottery is not completed within the payment period, the applicant will be deemed to have declined to participate.
  • Duplicate entries will be declined.
  • To enter, you need to register as a RUNNET member (free)
  • If you are already a RUNNET member, you do not need to register. Please check "Change Member Information" to see if there are any changes to your registered information, such as your address.
  • Entry handling fee (half marathon): 550 yen/person (5.5% of the total application fee for friend entries). In addition, if you are participating with a charity, you will be required to pay the 550 yen/person handling fee on the 10,000 yen participation fee, but the handling fee on the 30,000 yen donation will be waived.
  • For participants in the Fun Run competition, the above handlng fee will be waived and the Marathon Secretariat will cover the handling fee.
  • As the Youth Run is a test event, there will be no charges, including the handling fee.

Application Counters (Minato City residents only)

Kiss Port Foundation (Marathon Section)
Akasaka Community Plaza 2F, 4-8-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Minato City Lifelong Learning Sports Promotion Section
7F(Counter No. 709), Minato City Hall, 1-5-25 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Minato City Council of Social Welfare ※Only for disabled registration
2F, 5-16-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Applications can be made at the counter from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays during the application period.

Race Regulations

  1. The event will be conducted in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances and the various regulations.
  2. The organizers will not be liable for any of the following:
    • Injuries, illness or other accidents
    • Theft, loss and/or damage to personal property
    • Delay in arriving or inability to participate due to public transportation accidents, delays, etc.
  3. In order to safely conduct the event, the organizers will impose restrictions at the event and along the course, etc.
  4. Participants shall follow the instructions of the organizers, officers and staff regarding the event. Failure to obey instructions may result in disqualification.
  5. Participants may be disqualified if the organizers consider their clothes to be an impediment to the operation of the event, such as being indecent or posing a danger or obstruction to other runners.
  6. Drinking or receiving alcoholic beverages before the start or while running is prohibited and will result in disqualification. Participants determined to be under the influence of alcohol will be disqualified.
  7. Participants shall comply with public manners and the event rules.
  8. Participants shall bring their health insurance card (or a photocopy) to the event.
  9. Unmanned aerial vehicles such as multirotors, drones and radio control helicopters shall not be flown over the venue on the day of the event, regardless of the purpose, including aerial photography.
  10. The organizers will purchase a sports accident insurance policy for the duration of the event.
  11. The chief judge or doctor may stop a participant from continuing if they determine the participant is unable to continue the race due to illness, injury, etc. In such a case, the participant shall follow the chief judge or doctor's instructions.
  12. Participants who become unable to continue the race without assistance from medical staff (i.e., the use of an I.V. drip or wheelchair) will be deemed to have retired from the race and disqualified. The on-site doctor and medical staff will make the final determination regarding a participant's ability to continue the race, and their instructions shall be followed. Further, the doctor or medical staff may confirm with the runner whether they intend to retire (be disqualified) before commencing medical treatment.
  13. On the day of the event, participants may not come by car, motorcycle, or bicycle, including drop-off and pick-up (there is no parking lot or bicycle parking lot).
  14. Participants may have an escort runner, depending on the degree of their disability. The escort runner's participation will be free of charge, but the time of the escort runner will not be recorded (except where the escort runner has entered the event).
  15. Participants shall be responsible for managing their valuables and luggage in order to prevent theft/picking up the wrong bag.
  16. The organizers shall own the rights to publish information and images, including videos, photographs, articles, records, location information and the name, age and address (prefecture and municipality) of partcipants on television, in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, etc.
  17. The organizers will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations, and handle personal information as follows, based on the organizers' personal information protection policy:
    Personal information handled:
    Name (including nickname, etc) sex, date of birth, age, address, telephone number, mobile telephone number, email address, nationality, emergency contact's name, telephone number and relationship to the participant, records, affiliation, location information, clinical information, information recorded in a Shintai Shogaisha Techo (Certificate of the Physically Disabled), etc.
    Purposes of use:
    For the purpose of improving services and safety for the participants of the event, sending participation information / participation prizes, notification of records, notification of related information, sponsorship of the event, cooperation, provision of information from related organizations, announcement of records (official event site, for ranking, etc.), publication of charity donors, insurance, medical treatment, etc.
    Provision to third parties:
    Personal information will be provided to third parties in the following circumstances:
    • - When provision to related businesses and contractors within the scope of operating the event is necessary;
    • - When the Minato City Council of Social Welfare requests donor information for the purpose of donating charity donations;
    • - When provision is requested by an insurance company for the purpose of applying for insurance;
    • - When information related to medical examinations is used for academic purposes;
    • - When information related to records is to be published on television, in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, etc.

Terms of Application

  • Please read and agree to the following terms before applying for registration.
  1. Change of race category, cancellation, transfer of rights or change of name due to a participant's personal circumstances will not be allowed after participation has been decided.
  2. There will be no refund of participation fees (including charity donations) after they have been paid, including in circumstances where the event is downsized or canceled due to an earthquake, flood, snow, incident, accident, illness, etc.
  3. Participants shall be aware of their health, including heart disease and other illnesses, such as by having a physical examination by a doctor in advance, and train sufficiently before participating in the event. Entrants shall participate in the event at their own risk with regard to injury, illness, accidents, etc.
  4. Participants may be stopped during the event to allow emergency vehicles to pass, or be asked to give emergency vehicles priority passage. Further, the organizers may stop the event if they determine that there is a hinderance to its continuance. Participants shall follow the organizers' instructions with regard to safety management and the operation of the event.
  5. If a participant suffers illness or injury during the event, the participant shall receive first aid from the organizers.
  6. Participants will be compensated for any accidents or injuries arising during the event within the scope of the coverage of the insurance policy purchased by the organizers. The organizers will provide first aid to a participant's injury or illness, but will not have any liability for such, and participants shall not make any claims for compensation against the organizers.
  7. When registering for the event, participants shall obtain permission to participate in the event from their parents, family or guardians if the participant is a minor, or from their teammates if registering as the representative of a team.
  8. Fraudulent applications regarding age, sex, records, etc., participation by a person other than the registrant (i.e., participating on behalf of another person), or disseminating information that will negatively impact the event. will not be allowed. If such dishonesty is discovered, the organizers' decision shall be followed regarding the revocation of participation and awards, and disqualification from future participation, etc. Further, the organizers shall not have any liability for providing first aid or refunds to fraudulent applicants or alternate runners.
  9. Registrants may be unable to apply due to the device, operating system or Internet browser they use. The organizers shall not be liable for any delayed applications caused by Internet service failures, etc.
  10. If notification regarding the results of the entry lottery is not received due to a problem with the email address used for registration, the notification will not be resent (make sure to permit receipt of emails from our domains:[@minato-marathon.jp, @runnet.jp, @runpassport.jp])
    The organizers will not be liable for the non-payment of participation fees due to the notification email not being received or being overlooked.
  11. The handling of participants' personal information shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Race Regulations.
  12. Participants shall comply with the above Terms of Application as well as the organizers' separately defined Race Regulations (in case of discrepancy, the Race Regulations shall prevail).

Notes for people with disabilities

【Half Marathon and Youth Run】
  • People with disabilities who would have trouble running alone are allowed to have an escort runner (guide dogs are not allowed as escorts). The escort runner's participation fee is free, but the escort runner's time will not be recorded unless the escort runner also registers as a participant. Participation in wheelchairs is not permitted.
【Fun Run】
  • People who would have trouble running alone are allowed to have an escort runner (guide dogs are not allowed as escorts).
  • Participation using regular wheelchairs and baby strollers is also allowed, however, competition wheelchairs are not allowed.