Akemi Masuda’s course description!

Specialist advisor Ms.Masuda introduces the notable points of the MINATO City Half Marathon course

Japanese drum performance at Zojoji Temple

When it comes to the MINATO City Half Marathon, Zojoji Temple cheers on the runners with their Japanese drum performances. The powerful sound of the Japanese drums resonating in your stomach will inspire you on your journey to the finish line. It's time for the marathon festival! Heave-Ho! Heave-Ho!

Lots of turnarounds

There are lots of turnarounds, which is unique to races in urban areas. You can pass fellow runners who run at different speeds and who you usually only see before the start and after the finish, so it's nice to be able to encourage each other. When you get tired and someone calls out to you or waves at you, it makes you feel like you can do your best.

Gourmet town: Minato City

One of the unique things about Minato City is that there are many attractive shops along the course. If you start to feel tired while running, try looking for a shop along the road. Deciding how to reward yourself after finishing the race will put you in a positive mood and make the rest of the journey more enjoyable. Eel, steak, cake, or taiyaki? You'll probably consume more calories than you burned while running.

It has the same course as the Hakone Ekiden

Hibiya-dori, where the starting point of the MINATO City Half Marathon is located, is a famous course where the 1st and 10th sections of the Hakone Ekiden are run. This is a luxurious course that runs along Hibiya-dori many times. I hope you enjoy this historic course that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. By the way, the marathon course for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics turned in front of Shiba Park. Please look for the monument there as well.

A steep slope before the finish!

When people think of this race, many imagine the final hill. However, before this point there are not only flat roads but also ups and downs, making the course something that will never bore you. And then there is the final steep hill that tests your strength. Once you get over it, you will reach the joyful finish. It is a course that is just like life.